Renee D. Pellegrino, author, german shepherd breeder, dog trainerDrifting…

No one explained to me how hard letting go can be.

It is all the strokes we try to move forward and not look back.

The soul is a sea pole memories stored.

Often I fell myself drifting deeper that is where I would find him.

The young boy waiting at the port and an image of myself, watching me drift closer, and closer. A wave of emotion hits the canoe and moves me closer.

He extended his hand

We were so young; life didn’t rob me of innocence. I was born with one simple thought, love does not die. At any given moment what we lost does find our way back to each other.  Perhaps I was lucky to have him for a little while.

I wish someone would have warned me about how cruel choices can be, even when we believe it was simply not meant to be.

I would stay forever here with one smile, I lost all sense of this world, and two souls fought countless times to find their way back to each other. Perhaps we did. It was only for a moment.

As that moment passes…I leave the childhood and the young boy and girl.

I take the love with me.


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