Importance of a Critique Partner

The Importance of a Critique Partner

left_KarmaBootMy brother is a writer, a brilliant one yet wordy. I love the fact there are moments his words remind me of Edgar Poe with the syntax of Stephen King. It’s a pretty good piece of work, however, I am biased. I believe his best bet is to get feedback from the kind of critic partner I found over a decade ago. But he, too, is another Italian writer, a little more stubborn, but just as good.

It is important to explore and find other writers who can offer sincerity in an over populated market.

Writing saved my life twice. It wasn’t easy growing up among my family who believed public service meant working at a local bingo and stealing peoples cash to benefit themselves (that is another post, we’ll save that for later).  To them writing would not put food on the table and I needed to find a meaningless job until my writing began to pay a bill or two.

The Importance of a Critique Partner

I felt defeated by the outside world. I had broken things off with Dev, my boyfriend at that point in my life and my writing pulled me out of the gutter. As I started to re-read a finished novel, I decided it was time to seek other input. Was it good enough for publication?

AOL had started a writing forum and I started to learn the ins and out. Soon after joining the forum, I decided to join a critique group, without knowing what a critique group consisted of or what purpose they served.

There are a few people I remember when that time of my writing.   SeverEd was a talented horror writer and to this day I wonder whatever happened to Mortem, the alien.   Janice Stedman and Rosa Pearl who would help me learn about voice, syntax and style.

The Importance of a Critique Partner

I was rather nervous about my debut.  What would they think of my story?  This character was alive in my head.  Would they like her?  Not even an hour had passed before I received my first critique.  My heart fell as I read the words….YOU NEED A HOOK…I’M BORED.  Being new at this, I didn’t know what a hook was or why they were not smittened with my lovely Heroine.  That night I discover what a hook was, and how to I get one.

That hard critique would shape me and thirteen years later we are still exchanging stories.  We’ve been to many writer’s conferences, psychic fairs (and that is another story within itself) and had other adventures.

So, what is the importance of a critique partner?  Its feedback and simple honesty, but most of all even when you think you have the Pulitzer; your critique partner is the one who will help you get there.   If you are a writer there are many different ways to find that one special critique partner or group.   I suggest a partner or two, This way your story doesn’t get lost in the shuffle and you can develop your storyline faster.

AOL still has a small group

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