Judgement Day – an introduction

Karma Girl, karma gurl, Renee D. Pellegrino, author, german shepherd breeder, dog trainerJudgement Day – an introduction

It was a perfect night for sentencing. And it was what she was hired to do.

She walked into the bar in her red leather dress and high heel hooker boots, reaching inside her purse to give her lips some extra color. He sat in the far corner, drinking his favorite beer, scanning the room for the next victim.

Oh, he had charm. He carried himself like he was the master of his own domain. There were moments when he would position his face he would like Jim Carey and Dopey.

On the bathroom walls, they called him the One Week Lancelot. It was his normal hang out. He turned in her direction, and smiled, quickly cuing her to join him.

It was the walk that left them wanting more. She strutted in the way models owned the cat walk.

Judgement Day – an introduction

She reached out helping herself to his drink.

“This week has been amazing,” he said, his hand sliding over her thigh.

She ignored him and ordered a glass of merlot.

“I thought maybe we could try to recreate that shower moment.”

“I’m sorry, it can’t work,” she said.

Judgement Day – an introduction

“But you’re the one I’ve been looking for.”

“You do nothing for me,” she said.

And it was one of his favorite lines.

“I don’t understand,” he said.

She inhaled her wine, reached in her pocketbook, handing him a card.

“Karma girl.” He read out loud. “For every woman scorned, I’m here to make you feel exactly the way they felt.”

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