When the Muse strikes

Karma Girl, karma gurl, Renee D. Pellegrino, author, german shepherd breeder, dog trainer When the Muse Strikes

The muse has no mercy.  There are many different types of writers, each have a different way they search to find the zone, a type of consciousness that flows through us like a powerful entity.  As a writer that is a natural high. It is the moment in which our body and mind are free of reality, all that is there is our characters and the story that fights to come out.

For me that zone will often happen at the worst times, sometimes when I am walking to the pot, taking a shower or driving.

With much on my mind, I get in my car and as I coast down the boulevard, I am hit with a few sentences, an image and an overpowering notion to get this written down before I lose it.

 When the Muse Strikes

One evening, about twilight, you know the time just before dusk, a notion overwhelmed me.  I saw an empty parking lot now my new writing location.  I had no paper so I started to pull out my grocery receipt papers and began to write on them.  I lost touch with reality and I am unsure how long I sat there writing.

Tap, tap.  The annoyance of that tap broke into my writes zone of consciousness.  I ignored it.  And again, tap tap tap.

    “Excuse me.” A Policeman said rather loudly.   He had pulled up and now, motioned me to roll down my window.

Truth be told, I was more worried about finishing my paragraph then talking to him.

    “You have to wait a minute; I got to get this down.”   I scrambled to get every word down quickly.

Shocking enough, he patiently waited as I finished and my writing high had vanished.


    “Are you broken down?”


   “So what are you doing here in this parking lot?

 When the Muse Strikes

Sometimes, I wish there was some sort of I.D. card for writers, the same way doctors and other professionals identify themselves.  The only thing I had was a bunch of grocery receipts together.  So, I picked them up, shoved them out the window at him and said, “I’m a writer and I had an epiphany.”

I think he rolled his eyes and walked to his car to drive away.  All that mattered was the scrap of paper I had written upon and probably one of the best pieces I’ve written.

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